Burger King’s Truffle Burger Launches in Hong Kong

Burger King introduces its new truffle-flavored burger in Hong Kong in an attempt to step up to the competition

Burger King's black truffle burger

Hong Kong’s Burger Kings are offering a new kind of burger to entice its customers, according to an article in The Wall Street Journal.

The Black truffle burger is now on the menu, adding “a taste of royal delicacy,” according to the company. 

Compared to Wendy’s offering $16 foie gras burgers and $12 truffle and porcini chicken burgers on their Japan menu, Burger King’s $5 black truffle burgers are quite the bargain. 

Burger King only arrived in China in 2005, according to The Wall Street Journal, a decade and a half after rival McDonald’s and other American competition KFC. 

Hong Kong’s first Burger King arrived in 2007.

“We are the latecomers,” said Alex Lam, Burger King’s head of marketing in Hong Kong. “The bad side is that most of the customers are already grabbed by our competitors. But the good side is the market is still expanding.”

Burger King is slowly building its fan base with occasional burger giveaways and customer promotions.

This isn’t the first time Burger King has gone to great lengths to impress. Check out its bacon sundae here.