Bulldog Barbecue And Burger Pop-Up

Miami barbecue restaurant Bulldog Barbecue and Burger has announced a series of pop up dinners that will be hosted at the Biscayne Boulevard location, The Miami New Times is reporting.

Each pop-up will feature a different kind of international cuisine, with guest chefs joining forces with the spot's head chef and former Top Chef star Howie Kleinberg.

The first event, named Two Woks, will occur tonight, and will feature Asian and barbecue fusion. Vince Tien of The Local Craft Food & Drink will join Kleinberg as they attempt to cook with the other's expertise. Kleinberg will take on the Asian cuisine while Tien will be responsible for the southern barbecue.

Two Woks was founded by Tien who partnered with former Sushi Maki manager Alex Kuk, who have hosted pop up events such as this one in the past.

Some menu items that ticket holders can expect are drunken crawfish with sweet corn and Szechuan cocktail sauce, honey glazed red roast pork spareribs, and Hawaiian fried rice with ham, pineapple, and fried egg.