Bug-Inspired Décor for Your Table

Invite creepy-crawlers to your table with these nine must-haves for entertaining

Bug-themed plates

The summer months are the perfect time to entertain outdoors. The weather is warm, the sun is shining (when it’s not thundering), the lawn is lush, green, and comfortable underfoot, and everything tastes better when eaten in fresh air — and the mosquitos, beetles, and bees would agree. 

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While you might not be able to escape the biting bugs this summer (unless you’re planning on holing yourself up inside), have a little fun by inviting the bothersome pests to your next cocktail or dinner party. Welcome butterflies to your table with this cool puzzle that will keep your guests occupied and can also serve as a decorative accent when hung from a branch or post above your table. While some young children are afraid of the ants and ladybugs that might be found crawling on their sandwiches, they don’t have to be afraid of the bugs in this bowl and spreader set. And adding plastic ants to your tabletop look will guarantee good laughs all around. 

If you’re entertaining adults, serve cocktails in these glasses decorated with dragonflies then set out bowls of cocktail snacks in these delicate bowls with beetles waiting at the bottom. This mosquito stopper is sure to be a conversation piece, too — mosquitos like drinking blood, we like drinking wine… so why not top that bottle of Cabernet with this larger-than-life nuisance? And if you’re setting up a buffet table with salads, sandwiches, or burgers, be sure to use handy food covers like these to keep the real bugs at bay.

Click here to see the Bug-Inspired Décor for Your Table Slideshow.