Budweiser Debuting Bow Tie-Shaped Can, Confusing Drinkers Everywhere

In honor of its iconic bow tie logo, the brand has now released bow tie cans

Here's one way to make more money: Introduce a novelty item that is the same product, just packaged differently. Campbell's soup did it, and now, Budweiser is following suit.

According to a press release, the Anheuser-Busch brand is launching bow tie-shaped cans of Budweiser to mimic the beer's similarly shaped bow tie logo.

The cans, which have reportedly been in development since 2010, will be available nationwide May 6 in special eight-packs, as another way to make the beer appeal to millennials. "This can is certainly a conversation starter: eye-catching, easy-to-grip, trendy and — according to our research — very appealing to young adults," Pat McGauley, vice president of innovation, said in the release. "It’s a beer can like no other."


Of course, the can won't replace the traditional Budweiser can, which should make beer drinkers happy since the slimmer design means bow tie cans only hold 11.3 ounces of beer, as opposed to the traditional 12-ounce can. But hey, beer collectors better jump on it before those pesky millennials get swayed by some engineering feats of aluminum (apparently, aluminum can only be stretched 10 percent without fracturing).