Buddy Valastro's Favorite Desserts Around the World

Cake Boss's Buddy Valastro shares his favorite after dinner treats from around the world

Buddy Valastro

Buddy Valastro, star of TLC's Cake Boss, has built his career around his passion for making dessert delights. At Carlo's Bakery, the Valastro family cake shop in Hoboken, hundreds of sweet treats are whipped, baked, and iced daily for customers.

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The Daily Meal sat down with Valastro at the Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival on July 28 to find out his favorite desserts to dine on when not crafting cakes in the kitchen. From his experience traveling around the world, Valastro singles out six scrumptious sweets that he thinks are worth indulging in.

In Florida, a Valastro family tradition is stopping at the EPCOT at Walt Disney World for some cream-filled napoleons.

“Whenever we're in Disney, we go to EPCOT and we have napoleons from the bakery in France,” said Valastro. “We watch the fireworks and they're pretty out of this world.”

When stopping for a bite in New York, Valastro makes sure to hit Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House for a slice of lemon cake.

“I like the lemon cake at Del Frisco's Steak House,” said Valastro. “That's pretty wild.”

In his native New Jersey, Valastro heads to the Chart House in Weehawken for a sliver of chocolate cake, which is made with Godiva liquor and served warm with chocolate sauce, Heath bar crunch, and vanilla ice cream.

“I do like the chocolate lava cake at the Chart House,” said Valastro.

Outside of the United States, Valastro remembers one dessert in Taormina, Italy.

“I had a cassata cake in Taormina,” said Valastro of a circular sponge cake with a ricotta cheese filling and a marzipan fruit coating. “It was just so good.”

South Africa is also on Valastro's list of dessert destinations.

“I had some interesting desserts in South Africa,” said Valastro. “It was pretty wild and they were good. They were very authentic to their region.”

Still, Valastro's all-time favorite dessert is naturally one of his own creations, the lobster tail pastry, which Valastro claims is the American cousin of the Italian pastry sfogliatelle. Lobster tails are flaky pastries that are shaped like lobster tails and loaded with cream.

“My lobster tail has definitely got to be [on the list],” said Valastro. “If I was going to the electric chair and they said you can have one dessert that would be it. I'd say, 'Gimme a lobster tail.'”