Bring Life To Your Party With Jars By Dani

What is it about cakes in a jar that make them taste so amazing? The Daily Meal got to speak with Dani Beckerman, the founder of Jars by Dani, who is making sweet-tooth dreams come true with her dessert jar delivery service. It started with delivery for Manhattan residents, but now Dani is dipping her toes into events and long-distance delivery From customizable white chocolate rainbow cake jars for showers to the original cookie dough jar that we bet kids would love for a birthday party, she's an up-and-coming queen in the compact desserts world.

How did you come up with the idea for Jars by Dani?

I had been on a really creative streak, and I was baking and trying to come up with new recipes for desserts. I saw these actual jars in Michael's and thought it would be a great idea to put my desserts in them. Then we launched in October 2013.

How do you make sure the jars come fresh?

Starting this week, we have been doing national shipping. I ship the jars priority mail overnight on ice, so they stay fresh. I've actually been shipping for a while to corporate clients, so I have it down.

What are the most popular flavors?

I really can't choose my favorite personally, because it's like choosing between your children! I can tell you that people absolutely love the cookie dough, and of course the white chocolate because it's so colorful.

How do you come up with ideas for flavors, and what are some new ideas you have?

I have a million different flavors in my head, and at first I was basically doing anything people wanted. But these are the flavors that look and taste best in a jar. We are discussing new flavors, and this month's special is actually mint chocolate chip. Of course we also want to do pumpkin spice in the near future, too!

How can people get Jars by Dani for their event?

I actually do a lot of events like bat mitzvahs and weddings. I do a thing called a jar bar, which is kind of like a sundae bar, but with my cake jars. I also do a lot of personal birthday orders, and serve people that just want something sweet — especially on a Friday.

What makes your jars unique?

I think they're so different-looking. There are a few other people that do desserts in jars out there, but they don't look like mine, plus they taste even better than they look! I eventually want to have my own wholesale retailer in New York, but that's in the future. 

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Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter@JoannaFantozzi