Bridal Beauty Emergency Kitchen Fixes

You've envisioned your wedding since you were 8 years old. You've been planning for an entire year. It's the day of your wedding and everything is just as you imagined it...almost. On your wedding day even the smallest issue can elicit a mammoth panic. Last minute beauty emergencies, while a bummer, can be reversed fairly easily.

Puffy Eyes

Have a little trouble sleeping the night before your wedding? Did your bridesmaids take you out for your last wild night as a single woman? I bet you're seeing the results in the morning, but no need to fret! There are plenty of ways to help fix puffy eyes!

Lie down and place warm tea bags (make sure it's caffeinated tea like green or black tea) on your eyes and let them sit. The caffeine helps constrict blood vessels and reduces swelling. You can also put them in the refrigerator and reapply to refresh your eyes before you start your makeup.

Apply a cold compress or cold spoons if there is no compress in sight. If you choose to use spoons make sure you have more than two. Place several spoons in the refrigerator until they are cold to the touch and apply with the curved side against your eyes. When the spoons warm up replace them with a new spoon and place the warm one back in the refrigerator to cool down again.

•Reach into your vegetable drawer and pull out a potato or cucumbers. Both help reduce inflammation and also help with any redness.

•Go for one of the celeb beauty secrets and use hemorrhoid cream to bring down the puffiness and reduce the redness caused by your blood vessels.

Pimples and Blemishes

One of the most annoying beauty nightmares for the day of your wedding, but like you've always been told, "Don't sweat the small stuff." This beauty emergency can be fixed right away!

•Reduce the redness with an ice cube and make sure to have a lemon handy because the acid in lemons helps dry out the pimple.

Instead of popping a whitehead with your fingers, which can cause more damage than good, reach for a sewing needle dipped in rubbing alcohol and gently insert it into the center of the whitehead just enough to pierce the surface and break open the skin.  Gently press around the edges, making sure to not squeeze, and then dab a Q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol to the area.

Self-Tanning Streaks

This may seem like an issue with no way out, but fear no more! Streaks from self-tanner are actually easy to fix. Grab your bronzer and follow these tricks:

Reach for the lemon again and while you're still in the kitchen grab the salt too. Sprinkle salt onto the outside of the lemon and rub it against the areas of your skin where there is discoloration. The acid in the lemons dull the tone of the self-tanner and break up the color while the salt acts as an exfoliant.

Use bronzer once all color is broken up or to fix any patches that were missed by self-tanner.

Sunburnt and Chapped Skin

You should have opted for the UV-free tanning before your wedding, but you went against all suggestions and went straight into the tanning bed and now you're sunburnt and your nose is chapped.

Hydrocortisone cream and aloe are a sunburn's best friends. Dab on hydrocortisone cream to help reduce any inflammation and follow up with aloe (or a lotion containing aloe) to help soothe the skin.

For your chapped nose go into the medicine cabinet for some ointment or the next best thing, Chap Stick, and rub it on the chapped area. Give it a few minutes to settle in and then apply tinted moisturizer instead of cream foundation.

Now you're all set to walk down the aisle! Before you take those first steps make sure to plan for any beauty emergencies that can happen throughout the rest of your day.

Here are some beauty essentials to pack into your bridal clutch (and you can have your maid of honor hold onto some of these for you too)

•              Oil-sheets

•              Dental floss

•              Eye drops

•              Tissues

•              Small brush/mirror combo

•              Tweezers

•              Bridal makeup

•              Sunblock

Christina Lang is a contributor for Daily Glow, a health and beauty site on the Everyday Health. She can be found perfecting the latest in beauty and skincare trends or spending quality time with her husband of two years.