Breaking Bread: When Carbs Call

By: StacyAtZeel

So you're sitting at lunch with co-workers, thinking about how "good" you were, you know, eating a healthy breakfast and all, when down it comes: the bread basket—a scapegoat among table dressings. You try to resist, but the lure of deliciously outlawed carbohydrates is drawing you in more powerfully than you can ignore. What's a patron to do?

Rather than turn to the angel and devil to your left and right, check out these answers from top Zeel nutrition experts Natasha Uspensky and Shantih Coro to the question, "What can replace the craving for bread?" If you're a proponent of baked goods, we promise, you'll love what you find.

Natasha Uspensky, New York, NY

"Cravings for bread usually arise when carbohydrates are being needlessly limited," says Natasha, a holistic nutritionist in New York City. "Bread is not an unhealthy food!"

Weight gain can be pinned on white breads and processed carbohydrates. Opt for whole grain bread, pastas made from quinoa, and whole grains like quinoa and brown rice. Stop depriving your body of healthy whole grains, and your cravings should diminish!

Shantih Coro, Hallandale Beach, FL

Cravings can typically be traced back to some inadequacy in your diet, explains founder of Synergy PRO Nutrition, Shantih. "People who gravitate toward bread and sugars in general usually have a blood sugar deficiency or lack sufficient fat," he explains.

The same goes for other nutrients as well. People who crave ice cream may not be getting enough calcium, and individuals who crave chips may lack fats or omega-3. Cravings are signals from your body that encourage you to consume the nutrients you are missing, so be sure to incorporate whole grain breads into your diet.