Bramble Mousse Recipe

Bramble Mousse Recipe
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Light and fresh, with enough cream to make it indulgent, this dessert is perfect anytime of the year that fresh fruit is available. Traditionally in Ireland, bramble mousse is based on freshly foraged blackberries from the bramble (hence the name). This recipe works well for any fruit in season at the time, whether strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, rhubarb, or even stone fruit like peaches though freshly picked fruit gives the best flavor.  A mousse is a French word that means lather/foam and incorporating air to make it light. In this recipe, air is incorporated into heavy whipping cream and egg whites to give a light texture. Gelatin sets this mousse so that it will not separate and will keep its even texture. In this version, I used blackberries for the mousse with a lavender whipped cream for garnish.