Blue Hill Launches Line Of Yogurt For Northeast Whole Foods

Blue Hill, best known for its restaurant Blue Hill at Stone Barns, is also working on a line of consumer products, and they've rolled out four varieties of yogurt, which will be sold exclusively at Whole Foods Markets in the Northeast.

The savory yogurts are made with milk from 100 percent grass-fed cows, and are the brainchild of David Barber, the brother of Blue Hill chef Dan Barber. The milk is sourced from several small, family-owned farms in the Northeast, including Blue Hill Farm, and these yogurts are available in flavors that you've most likely never seen before: carrot, beet, and tomato are already on sale, and butternut squash will be available in a few weeks. All yogurts have a suggested retail price of $2.99.

The flavors of the vegetables really come through in the tangy, rich yogurt. The carrot tastes like yogurt blended with fresh carrots; the sweet, earthy flavor of beets actually pairs very nicely with the rich yogurt; and the tomato variety almost tastes like a creamy gazpacho. The butternut squash has a spicy, autumnal flavor, and should work nicely with dishes like curried chickpeas, and also works great as a sweet application when mixed with a little honey.

The yogurt will initially be available in 12 Whole Foods locations in New York City, Westchester County, and Long Island.