Japan's New Black Ramen Is For Everyone Who's Tired Of Rainbow Food

The world has hit critical mass of rainbow-themed foods. From pizza to bagels to Frappuccinos, it seems like every food that can be rainbowed has surely been rainbowed by now. Finally the rainbow trend seems to be waning, and Japan's biggest instant noodle company is taking things back to black with a new Black Seafood Cup Noodle that looks downright elegant by comparison.

According to Sora News 24, the new Black Seafood Cup Noodle is an extra-large cup of just-add-water instant noodles. It has a pork and seafood broth designed to go well with the seafood-filled ramen, and it comes with a special packet of squid ink paste that dyes the broth inky black.

In addition to the black broth and noodles, the cup is full of little pieces of squid, fish sausage, cabbage, egg, and green onions.

The black ramen may seem like the opposite of the unicorn food trend, but they do have one thing in common: Instagram. Rainbow food is designed to look great on social media, and Nissin's new black seafood ramen is designed for that too. The company's press release describes the new Squid Ink Seafood Ramen as "photogenic," which is a classy way of saying, "You should take pictures of this for Instagram."

Squid ink ramen is not unheard of in Japan, but it's the sort of thing one can usually only find at a gourmet venue. This instant version can be made in a person's house with just some hot water. It goes on sale on July 31 at supermarkets and convenience stores around Japan, and it will cost just 205 yen, or $1.85 apiece.

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