3 Musketeers' New Birthday-Cake Flavor Takes The Cake

Is it your birthday? Or just a regular weekday that could use a sweet celebration? The iconic 3 Musketeers chocolate bar is introducing its first new variety in six years: birthday-cake flavor. The long, milk-chocolate covered candy bar looks the same on the outside, but inside, features vanilla-flavored nougat dotted with celebratory colorful sprinkles.

Old-School Snacks We Bet You Completely Forgot Existed

3 Musketeers is a classic when it comes to iconic American candy bars. Invented in 1932, it originally featured three different-flavored nougat pieces: chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. In 1945, it was switched to chocolate nougat only due to World War II rationing

3 Musketeers has tried infusing the bar with some different flavors before, including mint, French vanilla, strawberry, orange, coconut and even hot cocoa with marshmallow, but this is the first new taste since 2012.

The birthday cake bars are available in Walmart only starting in October, but will be available nationally as of January 2019, and come in both 2.14 ounce Share Size bars and bags of miniature bite-sized candies.

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