A Bird's Nest-Themed Baby Shower

A bird's nest-themed baby shower is a sweet and simple way to celebrate a mother-to-be and future nester with a handmade twist. Delicate yet inviting pear-shaped votive holders add an elegant touch to any baby shower, and an abundance of seasonal flowers keep the theme of freshness and new life consistent throughout all the décor. This charming theme can be easily translated into a wedding, engagement party, or bridal shower, and is sure to impress guests no matter what the occasion is. Read on for more creative tips and ideas for planning a bird's nest-themed shower of your very own.



For the buffet table, place a fresh flower arrangement inside of a bird cage with birch branches "growing" through the cage where a motherly little bird built her nest of straw (at top)!



Cupcakes are the perfect dessert for a shower. And in keeping with the bird's nest theme, why not make little nest cupcakes? These are based on a how-to from Martha Stewart. 



For a parting gift, give something pear-themed for a fun play on words. Here is an idea where a miniature pear is nestled in a tiny nest with a card that said, "The Perfect Pair is Nesting!" Click here for the how-to.