Beyond Lobster Rolls: Budget Ideas For A Nautical Party

You don't have to own a yacht to host an amazing nautical party. Have guests arrive in their best boating outfits and whisk them off shore with subtle accents and simple menus that feel first class but cost far less.

They will adore the fresh seafood menu with grilled fish and crab sliders and swoon to the tune of easy-breezy crooners.

Drink up with beautiful blue cocktails and cool the kids down with a healthy drink. With quick tips on floral accents and simple nautical décor, your attendees will love the serene setting you laid out for them.

Here are a few menu ideas to get you started:

Shrimp Rolls

Choose a shrimp roll over a lobster roll for a tasty, economical menu substitute.


Who needs oysters when you have mussels that can be prepped and served at your nautical party?

Seafood Salad

delicious seafood salad can go a long way when you are feeding a crowd.