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Cornelia Guest Shares Her Hosting Tips

Taking after her mother, classic fashion icon and lifestyle expert C.Z. Guest, Cornelia Guest is doing a fine job of keeping the Guest name alive and kicking. 

During the 2013 Emmys,the cast of CBS’ How I Met Your Mother brought a very

In the coming months, there is plenty of opportunity to party—whether that’s as a guest or a host, that’s up to you, but get ready for tons of celebrating.

Social Media for Entertaining

You have the buns and burgers, but you can’t have a summer cookout without a hashtag on the grill.

In the past, you've seen some extremely creative ideas for centerpieces.

DIY Wedding ideas

Couples today have longer engagements than their parents.

8 Healthy Party Ideas

Whether you overindulged in too many glasses of egg nog and helpings of Christmas cookies over the holidays or are simply looking to start the new year off right with a new exercise and healthy eat

Red Beet Risotto

Having friends over for dinner?  Have them join you in the kitchen (and take turns stirring) as you make a big pot of risotto.