Beyoncé Gets a Bootylicious Sandwich (with a Ring on It)

Yeah, we're ordering everything with a ring now

Just when we thought we were getting over our Beyoncé kick post-Super Bowl performance ("Love on Top," "Bootylicious," and "Countdown" have been on repeat for a solid two weeks), the Hooplaha YouTube channel has gotten us obssessed once more.

Behold the Beyoncé sandwich, comprised of Texas toast, blue cheese crumbles, three strips of bacon (for a shout-out to Destiny's Child), Popeyes fried chicken, hot sauce, and of course, jelly. They top it all off by putting a ring on it — an onion ring, that is. (Ouch, sorry for that pun). Apparently Popeyes is one of the diva's favorite foods, while the hot sauce is in honor of Beyoncé's fragrance Heat.

It sounds sweet, savory, and spicy all at once, which is kind of perfect for the queen of pop/Sasha Fierce performer. We don't think we're ready for this jelly quite yet, but perhaps you are? Watch the assemblage below and plan your meals accordingly. We're going to start going around ordering food and asking people to "put a ring on it." Rings > eggs any day, except when hungover.