Best Wedding Apps For The Big Day

Planning a wedding is no easy task — just ask a bride and she'll yell at you, er, tell you. And not only is prepping for the big day a huge project, but it's rather expensive, considering the rates of planners and coordinators, not to mention caterers, photographers, florists, etc. 

While these issues have always existed for soon-to-be couples, managing them has suddenly become simpler. Want the perfect pastry chef? Trying to create acceptable seating charts so that crazy Uncle Joe isn't causing a scene? Watching your budget? All of these things can be covered with the help of a few smartphone apps.

Appy Couple: Loop your guests in on what's to come for your big day. Let them vote on menu ideas, cake flavors, or suggest a few songs for the DJ to play.

Red Stamp: Cutting corners where you can? Use red stamp to send e-vites for the engagement party, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, or bachelorette party.

Wedding Scan: If you find yourself perusing department stores before making the big registry plunge, no worries. Scan items at any store and create a universal registry, be it a hand mixer at Macy's or kitchen towels at Crate & Barrel.

Seating Planner: Before penning those escort cards, rearrange the table settings with this app until you get a balance.

Wedding Budget: This app keeps tabs on what you're spending, how much you have left to spend, and what aspect of your wedding is getting the biggest piece of the pie. Hopefully, it's the three F's: food, flowers, and fun!

Saambaa: This app is perfect for the wedding party — keep bridesmaids and groomsmen up to date on gatherings and fun activities like menu tastings, band tryouts, and game night!