The Best Way to Cut a Watermelon

Learn how to cut a watermelon into triangles and other shapes, by starting with a few basic cuts

No barbecue would be complete without watermelon.

Start by cutting the watermelon in half on a cutting board. Make sure you’re using a strong, sturdy chef’s knife or serrated knife.

(Credit: Flickr/Megan Myers)

Then, flip the watermelon over so that the cut surface is on the cutting board. This will keep the watermelon from rolling around while you cut it.

(Credit: Flickr/dawt)

Your first option is to use your knife to remove cut the rind off the outside of the half watermelon. Once the rind is completely removed you can cut straight lines in the watermelon in both directions to make long rectangular sticks of watermelon that can be flipped on their side and cut into smaller cubes.

(Credit: Flickr/dawt)

Or, you can take your half watermelon and cut it in half again creating two quarter-watermelon wedge.

(Credit: Flickr/Rena Tom)

Then, flip the wedges on their side so that one of the flat sides is on the cutting board and cut the watermelon into slices creating classic triangles of watermelon.

(Credit: Flickr/penguincakes

If you’re feeling fancy, you can even use cookie cutters to cut fun shapes from the watermelon triangles.


(Credit: Flickr/Carol Browne)

Kristie Collado is The Daily Meal's Cook Editor. Follow her on Twitter @KColladoCook.