Seasoning Salmon and Other Fish for the Grill
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Seasoning Salmon and Other Fish for the Grill

Follow these tips to make the perfect grilled fish this summer
Seasoning Salmon and Other Fish for the Grill
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Summer is officially here! Follow these cooking tips to make the best grilled salmon.

When it comes to getting fish ready to put on the grill, salt has never been more important. Morton, a leader in seasoning, has more options than ever to give you fish that is flavored to perfection.

Kosher and sea salts
That container of standard table salt has been replaced with a Morton Salt selection of kosher and sea salts to make sure all of your cooking needs are met. This is especially useful when it comes to seasoning salmon and other fish for grilling.

Morton Kosher Salt, plain or mixed with herbs, can be sprinkled on to your seafood before grilling. The thick texture will allow it to stick right to the fish during grilling.

Morton sea salts are named for their maritime origin, and the sea forms unique textures that adhere to your food. The fine sea salts will dissolve quickly if you’d like to blend a marinade for your fish, while the coarse sea salt will remain whole for a bit of added crunch. All-purpose Morton Sea Salt is the one you’ll keep at the table in case any of your guests want to add a bit more on their own.

Seasoning and marinade
In addition to enhancing your salmon and other fish with their own unique taste, Morton Sea Salt and Morton Kosher Salt help to elevate the flavors of other seasonings. When preparing fish for the grill, you’ll want to also use herbs, such as oregano, dill, lemongrass, or chives. You may also consider ginger, garlic, and maybe a bit of chili for additional flavor.

Since fish can be dry by nature, you might want to use a marinade to hold in the seasoning. Olive oil and citrus, such as lemon juice, are excellent choices. You can also add in a little white wine or teriyaki, and mix with Morton Fine Sea Salt.

More fish grilling tips
Grilling fish is not difficult as long as you remember it is very different than working with meat or poultry. To make sure it doesn’t cook too quickly on the outside and dry out, be sure to preheat your grill before laying down the fish. In addition, make sure the lid stays closed while it is cooking.

To keep the moisture in fish while grilling, it should be marinated or at least spritzed with oil before going on the grill. Simply spraying olive oil on salmon and other fish prior to grilling then sprinkling with Morton Kosher Salt can give you a quick and easy meal your family will not soon forget. If you’d like to make it a bit more complex, make a quick sauce with plain yogurt and some dill, then pour it on top of the cooked fish before serving.

Next Door Chef series
For more ideas on grilling with kosher and sea salts, visit the Morton Salt Next Door Chef website, where chefs from around the country show home cooks how to cook their dishes to perfection with right types of salt.


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