Piescrapers: Pushing The Boundaries Of Pie Design (Slideshow)

The Inner Workings

The many stencils used for this watch pie were hand made by Jessica, carefully placed and layered for this complicated pie.

Pies that Glow

The cherry filling of this Fast and Furious Pie glows under black light using Jessica's Edible UV-Reactive Glowing Tonic Gel

A Monster from the Deep

This Kraken Piescraper depicting the legendary sea monster was the first pie tutorial made by Jessica. Check it out here.

An Homage to One of the Greatest Children’s Movies of All Time

Here's a Never Ending Story piescraper that actually glows under black light! The laser beams are made from crushed mints and tonic water.

The Inner Workings

Individual elements are painstakingly cut out and baked before being assembled into one of Jessica's creations.

It’s All in the Details

Jessica paints the pieces of her pies before they are baked to create the details that bring her pies to life.

The Great Deku Tree From the Legend of Zelda

It takes a strong understanding of engineering to create a free-standing pie that is this tall and intricate!