How You Can Still Have Lobster Even When They Are Out of Season

Find out how you can enjoy lobster even when it’s out of season

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A delicious lobster tail with steak and asparagus. 

Typically, main lobsters are in season during the summer until the beginning of winter — lobsters are mainly caught between late June and December.  After December lobsters won’t be “in-season,” but we have a trick to capitalize on the freshness of lobster even when the seasons change.

Buy the lobster whole, cook it, remove the meat, and freeze — it’s that simple. Keep in mind that live lobsters should never be frozen, but cooked lobster out of the shell actually freezes well. Just be sure to store in a plastic or glass container tightly so your meat doesn’t suffer from freezer burn. So now in late December and January when its freezing cold you can still enjoy the lobster recipes that you love without compromising on freshness.

If you’re out of lobster recipe ideas, here are a few:

Lobster Bisque

For this recipe, I turned to the master, Thomas Keller, for inspiration — adapting recipes for creamy lobster broth and butter-poached lobster that are featured in his exquisite French Laundry Cookbook. The result is a rich, incredibly decadent treat, with a flavor to match the amount of work that goes into making it. I recommend serving it in a little cup or bowl as a starter to an elegant meal. — Maryse Chevriere

For the Lobster Bisque recipe, click here.

Lobster Risotto

In his book Practical Guide to the New American Kitchenrenowned chef Charlie Palmer offers elegant dishes, like this lobster risotto, in an approachable way.

For the Lobster Risotto recipe, click here.

Lobster Wontons

These fried pockets of deliciousness are based on the classic crab rangoons of Chinese takeout menus. They make perfect party appetizers because you can make the wontons ahead of time. —Valaer Murray

For the Lobster Wontons recipe, click here.

To make any of these delicious recipes with your frozen lobster meat, just remember to allow time for your lobster to defrost (about 2 hours per pound) and it is ready for use.