Here's How To Make Ice Cream You Can Have For Breakfast

In its simplest form, "n'ice cream" is a result of blending frozen bananas in a high speed blender to make a cold, smooth, and creamy frozen puree with the consistency of soft serve ice cream. By adding a few extra ingredients you can really take your n'ice cream to the next level. Add vanilla extract to any base to add a certain je ne sais quoi to your banana. Go one step further and add cocoa powder, cacao nibs, frozen raspberries, strawberries, or extract of mint in whatever combination takes your fancy for a treat that is deceptively sin-free!

One word of advice before you run to your nearest banana purveyor. Make sure when you get ready to blend your bananas you let them sit out for about five minutes to defrost. Allowing them to thaw a bit before blending will be easier on your machine (be it blender or high speed food processor) and will result in a texture that more closely resembles ice cream.

So go forth and blend and rejoice in the fact that you can finally have ice cream, or at least a version of it, for breakfast!