This Is the Best Apple Pie Recipe Ever

Brandy and crystallized ginger take apple pie from ordinary to extraordinary

Thinkstock/ angelo+gilardelli

A warm and delightful apple pie recipe.

When the weather starts to get a little cooler, you know it’s time to make delicious apple cider, pull out the slow cooker, and, best of all, bake apple pie. Apple pie is a delightful fall dessert that lands on many tables during the holidays. What makes apple pie so incredible? Its flaky and soft crust and the fall flavors of apple, cinnamon, and nutmeg. What takes an apple pie recipe from ordinary to extraordinary are the additions of brandy and crystallized ginger — now that’s the best apple pie recipe ever.

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A little liquor gives every dessert recipe a little boost — pecan pie gets a dash of bourbon, pumpkin pie gets a little Kahlúa, and now your apple pie recipe can turn into Tipsy Apple Pie with the infusion of a quarter cup of brandy. This apple pie recipe gets a twist, and the best part is that your guests won’t even know what hit them. This may become your new go-to recipe for every fall gathering. 

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