5 3-Ingredients Recipes That Will Save The Holidays

During the holidays, entertaining guests and dealing with family can be tough. The last thing that you want to stress about is cooking, so we have a list of three-ingredients recipes that will make cooking go off without a hitch. Whether you're making brunch on Christmas Day, dinner on Christmas Eve or just want to have a dinner party during the holidays these recipes will have you in and out of the kitchen in no time.

Cheese Empanadas

Go to the grocery store and pick up your favorite cheese, like goat, Cheddar, or mozzarella. Stuff it in phyllo dough and bake or fry for a delicious appetizer. You can set out a garlic or tomato dipping sauce with the empanadas for your guests.

Dulce de Leche Mousse

This is a super simple dessert that is filled with caramel taste — all of your guests will love it. All you need is toasted coconut, one cup heavy cream, a pinch of salt, and one-fourth cup of dulce de leche. In a mixer, beat the cream and salt until soft peaks form. Fold on the dulce de leche and divide the mousse into cups. Let chill for one hour and add the shredded coconut before you serve.

Hash Brown Casserole

This recipe is perfect if you want to have brunch on Christmas Day. All you need for this recipe is four cups of hash brown potatoes, one and three-fourths cups of cream, two cups of Cheddar cheese, and salt and pepper to taste. Mix all of the ingredients together and place in a baked casserole dish or individual ramekins. Bake at 350 degrees F for 45 minutes and serve with the rest of your breakfast feast.

Hummus and Cucumber Crostini

For this recipe, all you need is your favorite brand of hummus, crackers or crusty bread, and sliced cucumbers. Slather the hummus on the bread, add two slices of cucumber and you'll have a simple and refreshing appetizer for your guests.

Mac and Cheese

This is an easy side that only has three ingredients: three and a half cups of heavy cream, three cups of uncooked pasta, and two cups of grated Cheddar cheese. For this recipe, you'll need to bring the heavy cream to a simmer, add in pasta and cook until al dente; about 10 minutes. Add in the cheese and stir until everything is well combined. Add salt and pepper to taste and serve with roast turkey, chicken, or pork.