4 Green Smoothie Recipes For People Who Hate The Taste Of Veggies

People typically stay away from green smoothies because they taste too much like the green used in them. With these smoothie recipes, you won't have that problem. Ingredients like avocado, apple, and other fruits masks the flavor of the green so you can still have a healthy drink that tastes great. Keep reading to find green smoothie recipes that you'll actually love.

Fennel and Fruit Smoothie

We don't blame you if you're a bit confused about this smoothie at first. You're probably thinking "Fennel... in a smoothie?" But fear not; the way this smoothie tastes will change your mind. — Amanda Jean Black

For the Fennel and Fruit Smoothie recipe, click here.

Green Parsley Smoothie

If you've never thought about using parsley in smoothie, think again. The result of this recipe, featuring parsley, pear, and avocado, is simply delightful. — The Daily Meal

For the Green Parsley Smoothie recipe, click here.

Hale to the Kale Smoothie

This smoothie can help you shed some belly fat and make it easier to zip up that favorite pair of blue jeans. Consuming monounsaturated fatty acids like those found in nuts, olive oil, and avocados can help your body burn belly fat and can help increase your basal metabolic rate to burn fat more efficiently. This recipe calls for kale, avocados, and other ingredients that will do just that. — The Daily Meal

For the Hale to the Kale Smoothie recipe, click here.

Power Greens Smoothie

Looking to get your greens in for the day? Your smoothie doesn't have to taste like a salad. The key to this recipe is the apple juice and creamy avocado. — Amanda Jean Black

For the Power Greens Smoothie recipe, click here.