3 Craziest Toppings For Your Mac And Cheese

Mac and cheese by itself tastes divine, but why not spruce up your recipe with these crazy toppings? While the toppings are unconventional, they certainly add great flavor. The next time you're in the mood for a bowl of mac and cheese, add Cheez-Its to your recipe — it acts as a crust in place of your breadcrumbs. It'll be salty, crunchy, and a nice balance in texture. Keep reading to find out what other crazy toppings you should put on your mac and cheese. Trust us no matter how crazy they get, your mac and cheese will still taste amazing.


After trying this recipe once, using Cheez-Its as a crust for your mac and cheese will be a no-brainer. Too much cheese, you say? Not even close. The salty, crunchy qualities of the crackers add a balance of texture and flavor to a creamy, mild, (and dare we say cheesy) mac and cheese. — Anne Dolce

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Home Fries

Load home fries on top of creamy mac and cheese for the perfect brunch recipe.

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Kale Chips

In this mac and cheese, the hearty vegetable appears two ways: mixed into the casserole and also as a crispy topping. Because of this, it almost seems like it's two different vegetables, which makes this not only delicious but also fun to eat. — Laura Werlin

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