19 Chocolate Dessert Recipes That Will Get Rid of the Winter Blues

Keep reading to find out what chocolate dessert recipes made it into this week’s SWAT

Try these decadent salted caramel chocolate cupcakes.

During the winter we all want is comfort foods and hearty meals to get us through the day, but sometimes we also need a small indulgence to put a smile on our faces — an indulgence like chocolate desserts. Studies show that chocolate releases neurotransmitters in our bodies that have a positive effect on your mood. So when you’re feeling down because of the dreary weather, whip up a chocolate-filled recipe that will make satisfy both mind and appetite. It can be as simple as a chocolate cupcake or as complex as a mint-chocolate trifle with mint whipped cream and chocolate mint cookies. This week’s SWAT (Sharing With A Theme) is sure to help you lose those winter blues.

Here are this week’s highlights:

Easy Mint Chocolate Cookie Trifles

If you love chocolate mint ice cream, then this recipe is perfect for you. Miranda of Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt blog made a dessert that is mint chocolate chip overload — the trifle consists of chocolate pudding, mint chocolate cookies, and mint whipped cream, yum!

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Chocolate Fudge Marshmallows

This recipe is sinfully rich and delicious. Kim Lange of The Baking ChocolaTess made a brownie recipe with chocolate fudge, marshmallows, and an Oreo crust — now that’s a chocolate dessert.

Sky High Salted Caramel Chocolate Cupcakes

This recipe, a simple chocolate cupcake, starts off simple, but with the addition of toppings like dulce de leche, pretzels, walnuts, and a salted caramel glaze, it is transformed into an over-the-top chocolate dessert creation. On a cold winter night when you need to get your spirits up, this is just the recipe you’ll need — which is why Dan Zehr of Platter Talk is the winner of this week’s SWAT.