10 Delightful Summer Strawberry Recipes

10 Delightful Summer Strawberry Recipes

Fruits are healthy, delicious, and juicy — they keep you feeling refreshed. Plus, fruits make great additions to so many different kinds of recipes: drinks, entrées, and desserts. This week, we decided to make a classic summer fruit the star of SWAT (Sharing With A Theme) — strawberries.

Strawberry Jalapeño Salsa

This recipe has acidity, spice, and sweetness — everything you require in an afternoon snack. This salsa has many of the same ingredients as tomato-based salsa: cilantro, onions, lemon juice, and garlic. Just omit the tomatoes and add in strawberries. Enjoy with chips or use as a topping for fish or chicken. Click here for the recipe.

Strawberry Key Limeade Cocktail

Looking for a cocktail to make at your next summer party? This one is perfect — it's a sweet, tart, and refreshing drink that gets garnished with strawberries and lime. Have everyone serve themselves from a large pitcher. Click here for the recipe.

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Pops

If you need a cool and refreshing summer treat, these strawberry cheesecake ice pops will cool you down. It is a creamy frozen treat that you and your kids can enjoy after a long day. Purée strawberries in a blender, combine with a cream cheese mixture, and put into ice cream molds. Yes, it's that simple! Click here for the recipe.

Cheesecake-Stuffed Strawberries

This recipe kind of reminds you of strawberries and whipped cream, but elevated to a whole new level. Instead of having plain strawberries or strawberries and whipped cream, try cheesecake-stuffed strawberries. Make the cream cheese mixture, pipe it right on top, and sprinkle with graham crackers. If the recipe is too enticing, you can leave the cream cheese mixture in a bowl and eat it right from there. Click here for the recipe.

Strawberry Shortcake Cookie Cup

Everyone loves a cookie cup — just add milk and enjoy. This is a great play on that, but instead of milk, it calls for whipped cream and strawberries. Click here for the recipe.

Mocha Ricotta Pie with Strawberries

Mocha, chocolate, and strawberries sounds like a heavenly combination. It has a crunchy shortbread crust, a rich and creamy ricotta filling with chocolate and coffee, and it's topped with juicy, ripe strawberries. Click here for the recipe.

Honey Balsamic Strawberry Ricotta Toast

If you're looking for a summer appetizer to serve, this honey balsamic strawberry ricotta toast will have all of your guests talking. It is a sweet and salty crunchy bite that doesn't take a lot of effort in the kitchen. Click here for the recipe.

Strawberry Spinach Salad

This is a quick meal that you can make before you go off to work. It takes no time to throw together, and you can even mix up your own dressing at home. Blend together vinegar, sugar, onion, sesame, and poppy seeds for a tangy and sweet topping. Click here for the recipe.

Smoked Strawberry Shortcake

Smoked strawberries are a must-try this summer. In this recipe, smoked strawberries come in handy for a unique strawberry jam. The end result is a sweet and savory shortcake recipe sure to change the way you eat strawberry shortcake! Click here for the recipe.

Spinach, Strawberry, and Black Bean Salad

This recipe is perfect for a summer potluck. Everyone will enjoy a healthy salad that is sweet and refreshing. There's no rule that your salad can't contain berries — so this one has strawberries in it. Click here for the recipe.