10 Hacks That Will Change The Way You Eat Ice Cream

A scoop of ice cream is delicious — it's just what you need on a hot summer day. There are so many flavors to choose from: chocolate, pistachio, cherry, peanut butter, cookies and cream, vanilla... the flavors go on and on. With all of the creative flavors out there, maybe having your ice cream in a bowl — or right out of the carton — is a little old-fashioned. The Daily Meal is giving you 10 hacks that will change the way you eat ice cream.

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Have trouble making perfect ice cream sandwiches? We have a solution. Does your ice cream get too hard in the freezer? We have a way to soften it. We even have a hack for healthier ice cream. We love ice cream, but sometimes you can eat a whole pint without even noticing. Our healthy hack shows you how to make one-ingredient ice cream — yes, you can make ice cream with one ingredient. Freeze a few bananas, blend, and enjoy a guilt-free treat with the same consistency of your favorite summer dessert.

Want more ice cream hacks? Read on — these will change the way you eat ice cream.

Ice Cream Cone

Eating ice cream in a cone is the best, but it can be messy. Put a mini marshmallow at the bottom of your waffle cone to prevent pesky leaks out the bottom.

Ice Cream Frosting

After you've made delicious cupcakes, use a piping bag to pipe ice cream onto them. You'll have delicious ice cream frosting!