Best Food Nail Polish Names

Have you ever found yourself indecisive over a nail shade when getting your nails done?

Check Out These Fun Food-Inspired Nail Polishes 

Picture this: You're standing at the giant selection of nail polish ahead of you, looking at about 37 nearly identical shades of red wondering what the difference is between them and not finding one — so, you look at the name. And what's in a name? A lot, apparently.

One bottle says Ruby Red and you think, "how original," another says Russian Red and you're slightly offended  and then you turn a bottle over to find Date Night and it's like the bottle read your day planner. Its contents are now accompanying your nails to your Saturday night date with the man of the moment. There's even a shade to pair with your wine.

When asked what their favorite nail colors were, The Daily Meal lady staffers simply responded with names and not shades — centered on food, of course. A soft mocha called Hot Cocoa by Essie for Drink editor Marcy Franklin.

OPI's hot red hue Cajun Shrimp is a go-to for our Martha's Vineyard-loving Assistant editor, Tyler Sullivan. And for yours truly, it's Deborah Lippmann's rainbow-colored Candy Shop.

When we sat down with OPI founder Suzi Weiss-Finchmann recently, she mentioned that when it comes to names, "it's all about the food." We put her theory to the test and went on a hunt for the best food names for nail polish. From your drugstore brands like Sally Hansen to those that hail from across the pond like Nails Inc. and Butter London, we have a great selection that's going to have you itching for a manicure fast.