The Best Drinks We Drank In 2012

Much as was the case with out best dishes we ate in 2012, we're having a hard time recalling the best drinks we enjoyed in 2012. Could it be that we've simply had too many too count? Nonetheless, we managed to summon up some prime examples.

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Certainly, ours is a crowd that loves its drinks almost as much as its food (example: this year's holiday party). So it's no surprise that we've had quite a few cocktails, wines, and beers that made 2012 a memorable (if not always easily remembered) year. We're drooling over the Aviary's Piña Colada and Prospect's The Prospector cocktail, and we love any champagne with a good story behind it. We're now all waiting on an invite to try Colman Andrews' knockout margarita — definitely not the frozen, sugary-sweet ones you get at your local Mexican haunt. And as most of our staff can attest to, you haven't really lived until you've knocked back a pickleback. 

But like our Photo Editor reminded us, even a bottom-shelf drink can taste like a $100 bottle of bubbly when served with the right people. And for that — with the many blessings of 2012, whether on our plate, in our glass, or in our lives — we'll drink to a fine year and a better year ahead. 

We've shared our picks, now we'd love to hear from you. What were your favorite drinks downed in 2012? Let us know in the comments below, or send us an email. Have any tips for dishes we should seek out next year? Let us know those, too.