ANNE DOLCE, Cook Editor from The Best Drinks We Drank in 2012 Slideshow

The Best Drinks We Drank in 2012 Slideshow

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ANNE DOLCE, Cook Editor

This past year, I was lucky enough to be introduced to a pickleback shot: whiskey followed by a chaser of pickle juice. I'm not a cocktail lover because they always seem to be so citrusy, so pairing one of my favorite boozes with one of my favorite snacks was pure genius. I recommend the version at Brother Jimmy's in Manhattan because they make their own juice and there's nothing better than homemade pickle juice. I also tried Blue Moon's new Vintage Collection of beers, which are a wine-beer hybrid that is mostly wine, with a little after taste of beer. For a beer drinker who has a hard time choosing to drink wine, these were a nice transition.