Our Favorite Dinner Party Moments on Television

Who said you can’t learn anything by watching TV?

What to bring to the party?

As any host or hostess knows, getting together friends for dinner or cocktails can be challenging. But being a guest can be burdensome, too (it can be hard to decide on what to bring!). So before you host — or attend — your next dinner party, learn a thing or two from some of our favorite television personalities. You’ll thank us later.


1. Co-hosting a dinner party and can’t decide who to invite? Let Frasier and Niles show you just how go about deciding who makes the list. 


2. Going to a cocktail party and wondering what to talk about? Follow Penelope’s example when making small talk with fellow guests.


3. When you’re hosting a dinner party, you might know to choose your guest list wisely. But when you’re attending one, have you ever thought to consider who your host is?


4. Hosting dinner for the in-laws can be stressful — especially when one is a witch.


5. Not invited to that exclusive dinner party? Let the ladies of Days of Our Lives show you how crashing a party is really done.