The Best And Worst Celebrity Diet Spokespeople Slideshow

Charles Barkley — Best

Former NBA star and current ESPN commentator Charles Barkley paired up with Weight Watchers recently after gaining more than 100 pounds since retiring in 2000. He's successfully losing weight, about 1-2 pounds a week, as promised on the Weight Watchers web site. With a funny and unfiltered sense of humor, he makes a great spokesperson, especially because it's actually working.

Jennifer Hudson — Best

One of the more shocking moments of 2011 was seeing the new and improved body of Jennifer Hudson as she proudly became a new sponsor for, you guessed it, Weight Watchers. Promoting their new PointsPlus system, she lost more than 80 pounds and has, to-date, kept it off and continues to look stunning.

Dan Marino — Best

With a similar story to Charles Barkley, former NFL quarterback Dan Marino also put on the pounds after retiring. He lost 22 pounds on Nutrisystem and continues to stay on the program to maintain his weight. Another former NFL quarterback, Terry Bradshaw, has followed Marino's lead and recently become both a sponsor of the program and a current success story.

Mariah Carey — Best

This baby mama won't be belting it out with a belly any more. After the birth of her twins in early 2011, Mariah Carey paired up with Jenny Craig to lose her excess baby weight. After losing 30 pounds, we'd say she's a success story.

Marie Osmond — Best

Having struggled with her weight since childhood, Marie Osmond was looking to make a big change in her life and become healthier. After starting Nutrisystem (and appearing on Dancing with the Stars), she lost 50 pounds. Based on the late-night infomercials, it looks like she's kept it off, too.

Kirstie Alley — Best

The star of Look Who's Talking has gone through some dark times and there are some rather unfortunate-looking photos of her on the web. But, damn! She looks good. How'd she do it? Supposedly by using the first USDA-approved organic weight-loss product called Organic Liaison. If other weight loss products and diets failed her before, then maybe this is one that will stick.

Holly Madison — Worst

Holly Madison, former girlfriend of Playboy legend Hugh Hefner, was getting some heat about her minor weight gain (ah, the press). No longer wanting to be the victim of hurtful words, she decided to "trade those jeans in for a smaller size." The NV diet program did the trick and she's proudly showing off her hot bod in new commercials. You could call her minor weight loss a success story, but was she ever really that overweight? 

Janet Jackson — Best

We all saw the photos of Janet back in 2006 when she weighed in around 180 pounds (she is supposedly 5'4"), but now she is looking fit and slim after becoming the spokesperson for Nutrisystem in 2011. It looks like her yo-yo dieting days are over.

Carnie Wilson — Worst

Life was looking grim for Carnie Wilson after she was released from her contract with The Fresh Diet in 2010 after only nine months because she failed to stick to the plan. Then, news of her financial demise made headlines. Luckily for her, The Fresh Diet offered to provide her (and her family) with their meal delivery service free of charge in light of what she was going through. We wonder if this time the diet will actually work...

Note to self: When promoting a healthy diet brand, don't get caught eating cheesecake...

Snooki — Best (So Far)

This petite "meatball" decided she needed to shed a few pounds of drinking weight in 2010, so what diet did she choose? The Cookie Diet — because clearly that's the right choice. Apparently, you eat overpriced cookies as "meal replacements," which should help you lose weight. Hmmm, and we wonder why it didn't work for poor Snooks.

But recently Snooki has appeared in Twitter photos and new Zantrex-3 commercials showing off her slimmed down body. Maybe this will be the diet for Snooki? (Can we still call her a meatball?)

Whoopi Goldberg — Worst

Funny woman Whoopi Goldberg has jumped from one diet endorsement to another over the years, first starting with Slim-Fast in 2003. Sadly, that partnership ended in 2004 after a few sexually explicit remarks she made didn't jive with the Slim-Fast style. But she didn't let that keep her down. Pairing up with LA Weight Loss helped Whoopi drop 50 pounds in 2007 (though she admitted to gaining a few back since then). But it seems after joining The View, she's kept a low profile and isn't taking any more sponsoring gigs — just trying out diets on her own. (Probably a safer bet, but not as profitable.)