The Best and Worst Celebrity Diet Spokespeople

From Mariah Carey to Charles Barkley, here are stars who scored celebrity diet endorsement deals

As any good tabloid reader knows, people relish the chance to see their favorite celebrities "acting more like us" — partying too much, shopping, and overindulging. Enter the celebrity weight loss endorser.

Of course, there are some spokespeople who are better than others. The successes are those who magically shed the weight, inspiring us by promising that we too can be like and look like them — just as long as we do exactly what they did. Unfortunately, some celebrities have trouble staying on the wagon and falter from one diet to another, ending in failure or perhaps, ultimately, success.  

Case in point, Kirstie Alley. The actress has had her dark days, and they’ve been splashed all over the press and Internet, but if you’ve looked at her recently, she seems to have shed those excess pounds and is actually looking quite good. 

Someone who seemed to have little trouble dropping her extra weight is singer Jennifer Hudson, who looks completely transformed (and fantastic) and encourages us "regular folk" that we too can make a change.

While it may seem mean to point out the trajectory of weight gain and loss for some of these celebs, there's no need to feel bad — life isn’t so rough for them. It turns out that major stars like Charles Barkley and Mariah Carey could potentially earn about $33,000 per pound lost.

From success stories to failures, we’ve put together a list of the best and worst celebrity diet spokespeople. 

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