Best And Worst Celebrity Cookbooks

Life as a celebrity can get pretty boring. After all, what is there to do between film shoots (or, in the case of Ted Nugent, shooting things) and gastronomic tours of Europe? (Finger pointed at you, Gwyneth.)

Well, write a cookbook, of course! When it comes to celebrity pastimes, nothing says "We're just like you!" quite like a cookbook inspired by world travel and live-in personal chefs.

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But, it must be said, some celeb cookbooks are better than others. Eva Longoria, for instance, offers a surprisingly well-rounded and tempting selection of recipes taken straight from her own life (as well as her world travels), while Mo'Nique, funny as she is, doesn't get too far past the gimmicky in her culinary compendium.

And speaking of gimmicky, did you know there was a Star Trek cookbook, complete with Klingon recipes and some favorites of Captain Kirk? For better or worse, if you're after whatever fountain of youth Mario Lopez and Sheryl Crow have found or Coolio's pimped-out advice, you can find it — in a cookbook! Just remember, these celebrities aren't chefs, but they could probably play one on TV.

Click here to see the Best and Worst Celebrity Cookbooks Slideshow.