Bent Objects: The 'Art' of Food

Terry Border’s photography gives food personality, humor, and human characteristics

Self Portrait at Time of Death.

The food subject that proved to be most problematic, however, was the banana. "Bananas are very, very difficult. Not only do I have to make wire supports to help them stand up, but it’s amazing how quickly a banana will start to bruise and discolor," he said.

Border doesn’t let the aggravations of delicate donuts and breakable eggs bother him anymore, though. "Every food object has a weakness and a strength. It just works in the end. I used to get upset when I would get everything ready only to have it not work out. And now it’s an expected thing. It’s not a surprise that things fall apart," he said.

Fortunate for us, it doesn’t seem like Border has lost any of his patience in the process. Nor has he lost any of his drive. The future of Bent Objects looks very bright, complete with more greeting cards, calendars, jigsaw puzzles, and a narrative book. So it seems like Border will continue to make those trips to Target, grabbing a medium-sized Iced American, roaming the aisles, and waiting for inspiration to strike. 

Want to see more of Border’s work? Scroll through his Bent Objects blog (or see more scandalous shots on his Really Bent blog). Find some of his greeting cards at your nearest Target. Spend all next year with him by ordering his 2013 calendar. Soon, you will be able to spend your afternoon putting together one of his prints via jigsaw puzzle. Until then, you can also buy one of his two books  Bent Object of My Affection: The Twists and Turns of Love and Bent Objects: The Secret Life of Everyday Things.