Benefits of Drinking Water

How drinking more water can benefit your health

A glass of water helps you more than you think.

We’ve all heard from our doctors and parents before, “drink more water,” but why? Drinking a glass a day can help you more than you think. Here’s why and how:

Though it is good to drink water throughout the day, drinking at least a glass in the morning plays a significant role. According to Total Home Care Supplies Blog, there are five advantagesof doing so. The first is that it helps balance your lymph systems, which includes the performance of your daily functions and decrease risk of infection. The second is to get rid of any toxins from your blood, keeping your skin looking clear without acne. The third is to increase your metabolism, keeping those extra pounds off. The fourth is to boost new blood and muscle cells. The fifth is to help digestion with the help of nutrient absorption. 


In addition to drinking a glass in the morning, we should remember to drink water throughout the entire day. Mayo Clinic suggests we drink at least 9 cups per day. Whether it be in the morning, before, during, after your workout, or right before bed, make sure to get in the full amount. Fit Day says, by retaining water, you will feel more full, tricking your stomach as if you’ve eaten something!  You’ll also look better because water helps to increase muscle tone. You can work for longer periods due to a speedy recovery and increase of oxygen in your body.