Belgium Releases Chocolate-Flavored Stamps

Except, who really uses snail mail these days?
Chocoalte Stamps

Those days of wetting paper towels to lick those icky stamps are long gone, and it's not just because of the rise of the computer.

The AP reports that the Belgian post office has released 538,000 chocolate-flavored stamps, placing the essence of cacao oil in the glue on the back and in the ink used to print the stamps. This not only makes the stamp smell like chocolate, but also taste like chocolate. Genius.

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Of course, the stamps themselves aren't exactly edible, and the glue won't taste exactly like a bar of Hershey's (and definitely not like a bar of Belgian chocolate), but as one stamp collector admits, "They smell good." A set of five stamps goes for €6.2 ($8), but think of the possibiltiies: A coffee-flavored stamp must be in the works in Italy, while we're sure Pizza Hut won't mind creating a pizza-flavored stamp. Citrus-flavored stamps, however, might be a bit more practical.