A Beautiful Holiday Table

The Accessories

Setting a table for your holiday doesn't have to be stressful! Using Christmas colors and tablecloths  adds a few subtle touches to your table can make a world of difference without too much hassle or product getting in the way of dinner!

The Dishware

-Le Creuset Dinner Plate, Le Creuset Salad Plate   and Le Creuset Red Wine Glass all work together to create a classic look that will work with any table cloth or center arrangement
- iFork Flatware This stackable cutlery is all the rage. It allows the hostess to get creative with their table setting, rather than boring formal dinnerware. Plus, these beautiful pieces allow your silverware to never touch the table- brilliant!

The Centerpiece

-Empty wine bottles make for a gorgeous, festive display. Try weaving in holiday colored flowers and mix textured fabric for an eclectic table

-Archipelago Gorgeous holiday candles that will bring the season to life in your home

To Drink
What is Christmas without a little spirit? evian 2014 Limited Edition Bottle by Elie SAAB and Le Grand Courtâge – CHAMPAGNE are not only delicious options for a holiday table, they can double as a centerpiece accessory to enrich any spread!