Have a Barn or Vineyard as Your Wedding Destination

Host your big day in a beautiful outdoor space

Capture the moment of your first dance with the ambiance of a rustic barn and a peek of sunlight.

What’s a wedding without a little ambiance, right? Think about it: gorgeous green fields, a shabby chic barn with rustic charm, the smell of budding grapes for miles — it’s enough to make a bride and groom smile on their big day.

Two venues rapidly rising in popularity for weddings in recent years have been both barns and vineyards for those couples who are looking for a little leg room and a bit of fresh air out of the city. While a vast vineyard and a bare barn serve as more or less of a blank canvas for creating your event, it brings a plethora of ideas and options to the table.

If you’re thinking these destinations are solely where the sun shines all year round, you’re mistaken. We’ve scoured the country and have found outdoor venues in a bunch of nooks and crannies that are ideal for hosting a glamorous affair or a cozy intimate dinner in the fields — that's our part two! Part one consists of just the right tips to host a barn or vineyard wedding in a cinch. 

Remember, when all the cake has been sliced, the toasts have been given, what an amazing sight it will be to dance among the night sky on your special day.

A few tips for planning a barn or vineyard wedding:

It’s important to know your venue, especially since its outdoors. Speak with the property owner or coordinate with your wedding planner. Things like lighting, catering, and music need to be managed appropriately since the space’s electrical access is going to be limited. Map out parking, ceremony, and reception areas so you can plan accordingly.

Rent, rent, rent!
While the situation may vary in different venues, you’re going to be renting at least a few things, like tables, chairs, and/or bathrooms. Depending on the weather you might need heaters or fans as well. Nail these down early so you can ensure you’ll get what you want, especially in the summer season when outdoor weddings are popular.

Light it up!
Get creative with lighting: hang lanterns from trees, fill mason jars with votive candles, string lights around the entire space. With the wood paneling in a barn to create a cozy glow against candlelight and the slowing sunset in a vineyard, nature is an ally — one you should utilize.

Make the menu
If you’re on a farm or a vineyard, we’re pretty sure you’re in good hands. Work with the vineyard owners to incorporate different wines into each course and make a note of the hints and why they work well with your menu. A farm is a bountiful landscape obviously, one that we’re sure has a farm-to-table approach to events. Seasonal, local ingredients make for a fresh and satisfying meal — one you’ll remember on your big day.

If these aren’t an option, cater, cater, cater! Incorporate favorite foods and what’s in season to make a menu that is suited towards your budget and your venue, whether it’s a sit-down or a buffet.

Get creative!
Space is of the essence! With ample amounts of area to make it your own, get creative with décor, a dancing space, a dessert bar, games, and even a photo booth.