Bar Crawl: Williamsburg Double-Shot

We all have that friend. The one who urges, "No, really, I love to go out with you guys — just not at that place." So you suggest somewhere else. "No, not that place, I hate that place, their drinks are rubbish — too sweet, and not strong enough. Pick somewhere else."

And so it goes, night after night, you try to please that one picky drinker who seems to be looking for the perfect bar that doesn't exist. Well, as far as I am concerned, if there's one city with the caliber of bars needed to (politely) shut that one friend up, it's Brooklyn. (Yes, I know that it's technically a borough).

The Brooklyn bar scene is legendary, and with newer, hipper bars popping up every day, the chances of not finding a single bar to call your own are slim to none. And so, for those most particular of drinkers, we have created a special two-for-one Brooklyn bar crawl, supplying not one, but two options for each category. If they can't find a place they like among these choices, well, it might be time to give your other drinking buddy a ring.

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