For Fun and Games from Bar Crawl: Williamsburg Double-Shot Slideshow

Bar Crawl: Williamsburg Double-Shot Slideshow

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For Fun and Games

This Williamsburg staple is known far and wide as the best hipster fodder you can find (aside from that one secret show from that band that's too underground for you to know about). The bar boasts more than 30 classic arcade games and an always-interesting selection of more than 20 different microbrews on tap.

And if they don't like that... Full Circle Bar
If electronic video games aren't quite your brand of nerd, check out this Skee-Ball-themed bar stocked with enough lanes to keep you tossing up all night, and enough cheap beer to well, you get the idea. Settle in with a $3 Genesee Cream Ale and watch the competitive league (Brewskeeball) until you get the balls to play a game yourself.