Balancing Entertaining and Cooking

Rebecca Goldfarb of The Social Table talks how to make the most of your party without a hassle
Balancing Entertaining and Cooking

Rebecca Goldfarb

Meet Rebecca Goldfarb, chef and owner of The Social Table, the place where good food and fun people come together over shared meals, a glass of wine, and the experience of cooking it all while learning a thing or two in the kitchen.

Goldfarb chatted with our video producer, Ali Rosen, to talk cooking and entertaining. Though cooking and entertaining go hand and hand, it’s not always so easy to do both simultaneously.

What does Rebecca think are the easiest ways to make your entertaining experience go smoothly?

• More wine!

Get the big prep stuff out of the way — pass it off to friends or do it the day before or the morning of your party.

For presentation, don’t focus on it too much — go for bright pops of color and a big serving dish.

Appetizers and starters should be items you can just buy and serve, like charcuterie, cheeses, olives, and crackers. You’ll be too busy in the kitchen to worry about cooking these beginning bites.

Desserts are always easier when prepped the day before, and can be either popped into the oven or served right after pulling them out of the refrigerator.

When thinking about entrées, go for dishes like pork tenderloin or a lamb roast so you have more wiggle time to focus on other dishes, or better yet, enjoy the party yourself!