Backstreet Boys Give Chance the Rapper Dance Lessons in Doritos Super Bowl Ad

Backstreet’s back, and they’re not accepting excuses

The Backstreet Boys know how to dance, but it turns out, teaching those smooth moves to a new generation isn’t as easy as it looks. In a sneak peek at a Super Bowl ad promoting Flamin’ Hot Nacho Doritos, the 1990s pop icons try to teach Chance the Rapper their steps. It doesn’t go well.

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Two teasers have been released from the upcoming ad, which should be a hit with music lovers and 1990s nostalgics. If you miss the days of head-to-toe denim, the Backstreet Boys’ outfits should warm your heart.

In the shorter teaser, the Boys strike a pose, as Chance the Rapper tries to edge into their group. Chance the Rapper was all of 3 years old when Backstreet released its debut album, so the generational difference is pretty huge there, but he tries to fit in.

In a slightly longer teaser, Chance the Rapper fumbles with some dance steps while the Boys disapprove. He blames his pants, but they’re not accepting any excuses. When they say they want it that way, they mean it.

The ad is promoting Doritos’ newest variety, Flamin’ Hot Nacho Doritos. According to the company, this new product represents the first time that the flamin’ hot flavoring has been offered on tortilla chips nationwide.


We’ll have to wait until the Rams take on the Patriots in the Super Bowl on February 3 to see how this clash of musical stars turns out. If Backstreet has put you in a nostalgic state of mind, check out these old-school snacks we bet you completely forgot existed.