A Back-To-School Cocktail Party For Parents

Does it make us bad parents that we feel the need to celebrate our darling cherubs' return to that fabulous place called "school?" Because we do. Ahh... The sweet smell of erasers and pencils, the roar of the school bus, and the silence that sweeps over the house when the children are gone.  Ain't nuthin' like it, frankly.

This party is a great way to celebrate — for kids and parents alike — the return to the best thing of all: a SCHEDULE. Set the scene with sunflowers set in vases decorated with pencils and put on some school-inspired tunes. Quench guests' thirst with fresh strawberry and lemon Pencil Erasers, and then bring out trays of an appetizer inspired by a cafeteria classic: tater tots.

It's a celebration that is easy enough to throw together for an impromptu, adults-only weeknight gathering, but can also be expanded into a family-friendly celebration for a weekend afternoon with the addition of juice boxes and some more kid-friendly snacks.


Segment I: How to make the signature cocktail, a Pencil Eraser.


Segment II: How to make a dressed-up version of a cafeteria classic: tater tots.


Segment III: How to make PB & J skewers.


Segment IV: How to make toffee chocolate chip cookies.


Segment V: How to set the scene for your back-to-school party, with a pencil-decorated vase, a party game that tests how well you know your kids, and a soundtrack that will get your guests in the mood!


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