Awards Season Is Here: The Red Carpet Drinking Game

You know that's the only reason you watch: the best drinking game from the Globes to the Oscars Roid Ranger

The ultimate drinking game for the red carpet coverage.

We were so inspired by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's drinking game for the Golden Globes (and consequently, our own additions to the game), we had to make a drinking game for the only part of the show most viewers truly care about: the red carpet. That's right, the hours-long, E! extravaganza of Ryan Seacrest, the hit-and-miss outfits, and the entertaining (and sometimes uncomfortable) interviews in front of millions of cameras. 

Therefore, we give you the ultimate drinking game to last from the Golden Globes this weekend to the Oscars in February. (And boy, will those be a doozy.) You may not remember too much of the awards afterward, but hey — we promise the game (and the Red Carpet Cocktail) will be the highlight of the night. 

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The Red Carpet Drinking Game: 

  • Drink when someone asks, "What are you wearing?" (So pace yourself.) 
  • Drink when a star gives a shameless movie or future project plug. 
  • Drink whenever Guiliana Rancic fishes for a compliment for her own outfit. 
  • Drink every time Kelly Osbourne says "gorgeous," "beautiful," or "hot."
  • Drink every time the camera is at a funny angle to make up for Seacrest's, shall we call it, lack of height. 
  • Drink every time Seacrest or Rancic tries to slip into the conversation that they have hung out with a particular celeb recently. 
  • Drink every time Seacrest references the time Sacha Baron Cohen spilled ashes on him last year (classic).
  • Chug when a star has to stand awkwardly on the pedestal while the red carpet correspondents talk about her outfit.