Aviary's Stunning Porthole Design for Sale (Plus a Chance to Work the Bar)

The designer behind the Porthole has started a Kickstarter campaign to get production on the road
Inside an Aviary Cocktail

If you've been lucky enough to visit Grant Achatz's Aviary, you might have noticed a large, circular vessel they call the Porthole, where cocktails are infused with herbs and fruits.

Well, this centerpiece is apparently getting mass-produced. Designer Martin Kastner of Crucial Detail has launched a Kickstarter campaign, noting that "many Aviary guests have requested to purchase the vessel, including some who, when told they couldn't buy one, have taken it upon themselves to ‘liberate’ them from the lounge."

Kastner needed $ 28,500 to invest in molds, manufacturing, and other costs; with 27 days left of fundraising, the campaign has raised $72,861.

The Porthole will be available for $100 as a dishwasher safe product that holds 13 ounces of fluid. To get in on the fundraising action, $95 will get you a black Porthole with a seasonal cocktail recipe from the Aviary (lower pledges are sold out). A limited offer of $250 will get you a signed white Porthole with edition numbers.

For people looking for the whole experience, however, $5,000 will get you two signed black Portholes, "plus the opportunity to spend the day with chef Grant Achatz and Charles Joly at the Aviary. You will work the bar during service, learn recipes and techniques, and enjoy cocktails at the Aviary with the chefs." It's not quite like skydiving with Anthony Bourdain, but it'll do. Head on over to Kickstarter to learn more.