Add Pies to Your Autumn Wedding

Add the Thanksgiving favorite to your dessert table

Pie brings us back to a time when everything was made from scratch. It reminds us of our grandmother's kitchens and rolling out dough with aprons on.


If you serve pie at your wedding you can highlight the local fruits in your area or make the pies ahead of time and freeze them. Ask your local baker if they can provide you with organic flour and cage free eggs. Instead of getting stuck with the traditional vanilla or chocolate wedding cake, a pie offers so many options: cherry, berry, pecan, apple, pumpkin and coconut cream are just a few.


Pies are also less expensive than wedding cakes and you can enlist the help of friends and family to bake several pies. Not everyone knows how to make a wedding cake, but it is far easier to find those who can piece together a great pie.



For a rustic presentation, place pretty wood stands down for the hot pies to rest on instead of plastic dishware. Place a different type of pie at each dinner table and encourage guests to mingle when they cross paths at the cherry pie table or the key lime pie corner.