Miracle Abraham

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Ibadan, Nigeria
College Of Medicine, University Of Ibadan
Food, Health And Wellness, Lifestyle
  • Miracle is a freelance writer for The Daily Meal and Eat Drink Lagos.
  • She loves trying out foods from multiple cultures and continents and telling stories that evoke unique sensory experiences.
  • As a medical student at one of Africa's foremost medical colleges, she enjoys creating unique writing that dives into the science of eating by exploring its nutrition and psychology in super fun ways.


Miracle is a medical student, content writer, and data analyst. For over four years she has worked with several brands including TMO, We Write Blog Posts, Eat Drink Lagos, and UpKey. She fell in love with writing while volunteering in her teenage years, and has gone ahead to study it professionally and write in multiple niches including self-development, food, healthcare, and mental wellness. Her love for all things culinary began much earlier when she decided as a child that the meals she was familiar with did not have enough variety, and she needed to taste everything in the world. Her medical training spurs her to view topics from the perspective of attaining emotional and physical wellness while enjoying seemingly mundane day-to-day activities, and she incorporates that into all of her writing. Miracle loves cooking, creating new recipes, and critically reviewing food.


Miracle is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Medicine and Surgery while taking on student research opportunities in biomedical sciences at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria. There, she studies basic medical sciences, clinical sciences, and health informatics and fuses her knowledge of healthcare into her student journalism, research writing, and content creation.
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